Transverse Drive at John F Kennedy Drive
San Francisco, California 94121

Free bluegrass concert in the park. Tons of awesome acts, great mellow crowd, and no weird ticket takers and fences. Friday 3-7pm and Sat/Sun 11-7pm. Bring picnic blankets!

Official Website:

Added by cynk on August 9, 2007



thank the Gods you're on my Friend's list, Wily... otherwise all I'd ever think was going on around here is (yet another) Web 2.0 "conference" (read whoring party), or some shitty band playing at a Live Nation rip-off venue for the price of half my paycheck...

not that I'm bitter.


Come to the Porch Stage @ 5:45 to see Belle Monroe & her Brewglass Boys!


Wow. I'm totally excited about this.


^^! Hi everyone! I have just join in


Belle is one of the featured up-and-coming artists on the Festival Preview HSB page

the wily filipino

Just added to the Friday lineup: John Mellencamp, Neko Case, and Doyle Bramhall. Whew!


While I think this is a fabulous event with great acts, I'm totally frustrated with their organization.

Last year, I managed to track someone down to ask for a pass to shoot the show. Was told I needed no pass. Got there and found they had a photo pit, asked if i could shoot from it. Was given access. Middle of Elvis Costello's set, a security guard made a sweep and demanded to see my laminate. I didn't have one. He made a huge scene and made me leave the pit. When I tried explaining, he called me a liar. I tried to find someone to talk to, and after going through several people, I was given the head of security who heard me out and gave me a laminate. My day was shot, I was totally upset and thrown off my game, not to mention the fact i was embarrassed by the security guard in front of my peers, the audience, and the band.

This year I have tried to obtain a pass. They do not answer e-mails. There is no real contact info on the website. I spoke to someone today who told me there are no passes required to shoot. When I told her my story, she said "those passes aren't for media".

not sure why they would have a pit then and kick people who are clearly shooting, out of it.