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Happy Hour 2.0 at ZendCon!

ZendCon, the largest PHP convention of the year, is hosting a Lunch 2.0 event, Happy Hour 2.0! We are throwing open the doors to everyone for one night. Come check out the Exhibit Hall, hang in the Community Lounge, eat, drink, and talk shop with friends new and old.

H2.0 attendees are also welcome to stay for the other events happening on Tuesday evening, Birds of a Feather sessions, Meet The Teams, etc.

Space is limited so if you are not already registered for ZendCon, you must RSVP to be able to attend.

Bring business cards as there will be drawings, fabulous (and some not so fabulous) prizes!

For more information on attending ZendCon visit:

For more information on Lunch 2.0 visit:

Official Website: http://zendcon.com

Added by CalEvans on September 5, 2007



I'll be there, but since I have a conference pass, I was told to place myself on the watchlist.


I will attend - looking forward to it!


I will be there around 6:30 p.m.


i'll be there


I'll be there +2
Stuart :-)


@stuartliroff, Can you please ask you +2 to RSVP. We have a limited # of spaces.




I assume we don't have to be registered for the conference (Zendcon)
to just attend Happy Hour 2.0. BTW, any free parking nearby?


Will be there.


top chic to be able to sneak in the conference too, thanks guys!


I'll be there with one guest! :)


No, you don't have to be registered for ZendCon to attend the H2.0 (that's sort of the point :-)), however the evening stuff will be open to all attendies of H2.0 including the exhibit hall. I imagine a lot of the speakers will be there also.

I don't know about free parking, but the hotel parking is $3 (free with validation) and there is a shuttle from the SFO BART to the hotel. :-)


Sounds cool. Will be there.


Will try to drop in, but will have to be on the later side.