London, England EC

Designers from different fields will talk about how they incorporate emotional well-being into their work, followed by a discussion about the future of design in the context of Affluenza.

Luke Nicholson, Founding Director of More Associates will discuss his work and the launch of his new project ‘Kept - things don’t have to be rubbish.’ Kept is a movement celebrating the stuff that can be kept in the world, and aims at helping the people who still design and sell to embrace the change.

Architect Alex Shirley-Smith will focus on treehousing as one pertinent solution to a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle option for our global community. It is the choices we make within two major spheres, which will determine the state we leave the world for the coming generations: consumption and conservation.

Graphic Designer Alex Ostrowski will tell the story of developing ‘The Happiest Book in the World’. Alex read about research conducted by The University of Leicester, which concluded that Denmark is the happiest country in the world - this was good enough for him. In March 2008 he made the decision to visit happiness, and embarked upon a pilgrimage to find it

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