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Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture

Ohanami' Relax with a beer or a cocktail (or five) and some great company at a picnic under the beautiful cherry blossom trees in Tokyo.

When: April 8 (Saturday)
What time: 1:30pm until 5
Where: Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Meeting time: 1pm
Meeting place: Harajuku station (Omotesando exit)

How much: 3,000yen (2,500yen for non-alcoholic drinker)
It includes: Food, drinks, snacks and some belly dancing ;)

What is HANAMI?
'HANA' means flower and 'MI' is to do with looking, so you could say that hanami means 'looking at flowers' or 'flower viewing' but there is more to it than that. Hanami was originally a religious ritual to pray for a good rice crop, the trees in full bloom likened to a good harvest later in the year. During medieval times, the way cherry petals fall at the height of their beauty and their transiency assumed symbolism both in the samurai warrior code and in Buddhism. In Japan today the tradition of gathering under the blossoms is a chance (read: excuse (^_^) ) to get out and PARTY, picnic, drink, see old friends and make new ones, more than a religious or symbolic event. It is big and beautiful, it can be enchanting.. anything could happen!

The theme for our party is meeting people (hanaMEET!), so bring all your friends of all nationalities and rock on over to Yoyogi Koen in the afternoon and get met!

More than 120-people from different countries joined the party last year!

SIGNUP NOW! Email [email protected]

See you there.

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