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Hi there all,

About 2 summers ago I organised a walk from Hammersmith down to Battersea Power Station along the Thames. I remember thinking/talking at the time that it might be nice to do something similar the other way. So I would like to propose a walk for those that want to join in, on Sunday June 27th from Hammersmith to Richmond following the Thames path again:

Meetup time and Location:
10.00am Meet up time - under the northside of the Hammersmith Bridge.
10.15am Departure time

If you are running late give me a call and I can update you on our location - Mob 07 81 80 616 29

What to bring
It is looking like it will be quite hot, so I would recommend bringing:
-Sun tan lotion
-Bottle/s of water
-A-Z should you need to find us all

Planned route can be seen on the redline below (approx 7 miles):
Google maps link

Upcoming link to add to your calendars:

We will be stopping off at a couple of pubs on the way for lunch/quick drink.

Iintial pub:

Middle Pub Suggestion:

White hart
The Terrace
Barnes, London, SW13 0NR

End Pub Suggestion:

White Swan‎
26 Old Palace Lane
Richmond, Surrey TW9 1PG
020 8940 0959‎


Added by Gaetan Lee on May 7, 2010



Sounds good to me.


This is a really great route, lots of photo opportunities! Agree with White Hart in Barnes. There's one in Mortlake too, but cant remember name, and also a few in Kew for stop-offs. Sounds great.

Gaetan Lee

So it looks like england is playing on sunday at 15.00.

I might suggest that I will try and get us to a pub or near one for around that time possibly... would people mind if we started the walk a little earlier say we meet at 10.00 and begin walking for 10.15 to give us a little more time?

What do people think?