206 S. B Street
San Mateo, California 94401

Halo 3 International tournament
Qualifing Local round September 6th, 2008
Check in at 11am

Competition Method: 1v1v1v1 (4 Player) Free For All Slayer
Single Elimination Tournament
Official Game Type: Slayer
Primary - Battle Rifle (BR)
Secondary - No Secondary
Custom Powerup Traits, Duration = 3 Seconds
Custom Powerup Traits, Damage Resistance = Invulnerable
Custom Powerup Traits, Shield Multiplier = 3x Overshields
Custom Powerup Traits, Shield Recharge Rate = 200%
Custom Powerup Traits, Player Speed = Unchanged
Shield Recharge Rate = 90%
Damage Modifier = 110%
Player Speed = 110%
Motion Tracker Mode = Off
Suicide Penalty = None
Respawn Time = 5 Seconds
Maps = MLG Guardian v5MLG Pit v5 MLG Construct v5

Local 1st prize= $100+Gift bag, 1 year PNT membership, Apparel, Champion Chair and more

Regional prize is $200+ a system of your choice

International Prize is $2000+ gifts

Must sign up at 206 S. B Street, Downtown San Mateo.
650-343-1155 for rules and questions

$10.00 before September 6th, $15 on September 6th.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/pntsanmateo

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