285 West Broadway
New York City, New York 10013

The former Shine space has turned with the tide of club evolution and is now called the "Canal Room." The spot that hosted legendary impromptu performances by Sheryl Crowe, Kid Rock and others is maintaining it's star-quality with a new EAW sound system. The Canal Room is base camp for the downtown 'cool' needing a small intimate lounge to 'kick it' in their hood for the night. If you're filtering in late night, you may see post-show stragglers that you recognize but can't seem to place their faces (aka The Fun-Loving Criminals) as ownership is rumored to have strong music alliances. Ironically, one wanders why the furnishings have morphed to something more basic and opposite from the novelty of the former 'knight in shining armor' (that stood behind the bar) and vintage cabaret theme. This 'nook' of a bar on the corner will only thrive on private bookings, so we'll see if the Canal Room stays afloat on the end of 'let's make a deal' street.

Official Website: http://halloweenparties.com/Events/ShowEvent.aspx?eventId=396

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