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Long Beach, California 90802

Halloweenparties.com: Halloween Shipwreck at The Haunted Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA

Mazes (Haunt Names and Descriptions)

Vampire Village:
This haunted village dates back long ago, with twists and turns and fog below. Located to the north of the Shipwrecked Queen, some villagers have been known to scream. Alas, have no fear, for there are friendly Transylvanians near.

The Graveyard:
The Un-dead have awoke from a long blissful sleep, to chase those who’s footsteps will not give them peace. Tread lightly if you dare, and are so bold, for from out of the fog may pop-out something cold!

Isolation ward
There is no escaping this straight jacket of a maze, patients may enter and exit in a haze. Handle them with care with good bedside manner, or be forced to answer to the dreaded Nurse Slasher!

Blackbeard's Revenge (Pirate Maze):
Angered Pirate Spirits haunt the sea, from years of trying to overthrow the Queen Mary. This maze will delight the scurviest of mates, with a dozen or so Pirates that will give chase. AAAAAARRRRGGG!

Paranoia's House of Horror:
Take a trip down memory lane, where Classic Haunted Characters are ready to bring the pain! Thru the dark depths of the ships bowels you will be, restrooms are nearby if you need to pee. So run, hide, scream all you want, nothing will stop these Masters of Haunt!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is there an Age Limit to go through the Mazes, Dance Party or watch the Live Bands?
A: No Age Limit at Shipwreck. However, it is not recommended for children under 12 years of age and children under 12 must be escorted by parent or legal guardian. (ID is Required to purchase Alcoholic Beverages.)

Q: Is everything included on the Preview Nights that is included on the regular nights?
A: Yes. Everything is included and is the same as regular nights. However, some of the finishing touches are still being added to the mazes as well as raising our scare factor.

Q: Are cameras or video cameras allowed?
A: No cameras of any kind are allowed.

Q: Are Costumes Allowed?
A: Costumes will be allowed on Halloween Night ONLY!! But please NO weaponry accessories (ex. guns, swords, knives, etc), they will be taken away!!

Q: Is there a Dress Code?
A: Yes, a dress code will be strictly enforced at the Shipwreck Entrance Gates and Ticket Booths. Ticket sales and access into the park will be refused to any persons wearing or having in their possession the following articles. These articles include but are not limited to: Baggy or sagging pants, Wallet chains that extend past the pockets, Headbands, Bandanas, Spiked wristbands, Spiked belts and collars, All Starter Gear, Old English style writing on hats shirts or pants and Oversized or extra long T-Shirts and Necklaces. The Queen Mary and surrounding acreage is private property. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry or eject from the property, anyone that is deemed unruly or is no longer welcome at management's discretion.
Q: Can I bring my knife or gun?
A: Sorry, leave them at home.

Q: Should I get to the Queen Mary / Shipwreck Early?
A: Yes! Try to arrive between 5:30 and 6:30pm. If you plan to arrive later, consider off-site parking first. Shuttle service is available from downtown Long Beach.

Q: How long are the mazes?
A: Each maze is about 8-20 minutes in length depending on whether you are walking or running!!

Q: Is it dark inside the haunts?
A: Yes, there are parts that are extremely dark and others that are dimly lit via mood lighting, strobe lights, and ultraviolet black light.

Q: Is it safe if I am pregnant or have a heart condition?
A: We strongly discourage pregnant women, or anyone with a heart condition or that is on any type of prescription medication from walking through our haunts, mazes, or scare zones.

Q: Do you offer group discounts?
A: Yes. please contact us at [email protected] for more information or to ask questions.

Q: How many haunts are there?
A: This year we will have five various haunts and multiple scare zones!!

Q: Are they all in the same location?
A: No, we have 2 off of the ship, and three on the ship. Everything is pretty spread out in order to accommodate everybody comfortably!

Q: Are there food and merchandise vendors at the event?
A: YES! there will be a wide variety of food and merchandise vendors on site nightly! Everything ranging from costumes, fangs, make-up artists, glow sticks and wigs to all types of food will be available for purchase on site including BBQ, popcorn, cotton candy, pretzels, roasted corn, candy apples, chicken sandwiches & much, much more will be available!!

Q: Do you offer any types of discounts if we go more than once?
A: YES! We have a great deal on Monthly Passes. Simply check out our Monthly GA & VIP Fast Passes that are for sale!

Event info and ticket purchase: http://halloweenparties.com/long-beach-shipwreck.aspx

Official Website: http://halloweenparties.com/long-beach-shipwreck.aspx

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