2119 Young Ave
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

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Half Acre Gunroom
Slim Francis

Young Ave Deli
Memphis, TN
Indie Alt Country
From Slim Francis BIO:

"Nice! Very beautiful sound. Very much enjoyed by this listener. I really like the bass. Vocals are very good too. Nice harmony. The slide guitar is a nice touch and I always love a song that breaks down at some point and yours does. Very skillful band! Good Luck!"
- The New Gazoonies
Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada
March 10th, 2005

"Seven seconds in and I'm hooked. Right off the bat I like the sound a great deal. Vocals are strong. Guitar sound is awesome, drums are mixed perfectly. Performance is tight. Melody is good. Radio friendly. I like this a lot. I'd like to hear more. Good job, band!
- Matthew Sturm
Fort Wayne, Indiana
March 10th, 2005

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