Tucholskystr. 48
Berlin, Bundesland Berlin

Attention: Changed starting time! Event now starts at 5 p.m.

This is going to be the fourth German Hadoop get together in Berlin. As always there will be slots of 20min each for talks on your Hadoop topic. After each talk there will be a lot time to discuss.

You can order drinks directly at the bar in the newthinking store. If you like, you can order pizza. There are quite a few good restaurants nearby, so we can go there after the official part.

Talks scheduled so far:

Lars George is going to give a presentation of this experiences setting up and maintaining a decently large HBase deployment.

Jan Lehnardt just informed me that he will be able to give a talk on CouchDB. The title of this talk is "All you ever wanted to know about CouchDB (and some lame jokes)"

We would like to invite you, the visitor to also tell your Hadoop story, if you like, you can bring slides - there will be a beamer.

A big Thanks goes to the newthinking store for providing a room in the center of Berlin for us.

Additional information will be posted on http://www.isabel-drost.de/hadoop

Official Website: http://www.isabel-drost.de/hadoop

Added by coonmaine on February 1, 2009