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Hadag Nahash for W2W
A special benefit concert for Woman to Woman shelter in Jerusalem.

Booming out of Jerusalem in 1996, HADAG NAHASH became the biggest band Israel has to offer. Their music combines fresh Hip Hop, rock, reggae and funk sounds, and serves as a melting pot of tight grooves with Middle Eastern flavor. Their unique sound attracted many dedicated followers, as well as vast media reception. They’ve gained momentum year after year, and today are considered the top band in Israel.

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Starting early on in their career, Hadag Nahash managed to walk the fine line between popularity to social agenda. Known for their fevering agenda, they’ve become the critics and social moral of the Israeli society. Their songs promote equality and civil rights, and create a soundtrack to the local struggle against racism, corruption and violence. This unique perspective made them the center of attention, both internationally and locally.

Woman to Woman, established in 1981, has proven to be a leading voice in the struggle against domestic abuse in Israel. The professionally staffed Jerusalem Shelter is a safe haven for battered women and their children. All programs are aimed at empowering the women and offering them and their children an alternative to a life marred by violence. The Shelter can house up to 15 women and 35 children at any given time. In addition to practical assistance women receive therapeutic counseling to increase self-esteem, improve life skills and work proficiency, enhance parenting, and encourage self-sufficiency.
Since opening its doors, the Jerusalem Shelter has helped many hundreds of women and thousands of children, from all races, religions and social classes, escape the cycle of violence and begin a new life. Every year, Woman to Woman helps about 90 women and their children who have suffered domestic abuse (some 150 children at risk). Over 70% of the women complete the program when they are headed toward a new life in a non-violent environment.
In this special benefit concert, those two forces against violence are joining together to better help struggling women and their children and to raise the necessary awareness and funds to get them on the right track to a normal and successful life. Join us and be part of this change.
For more info about the shelter visit: http://www.jerusalemshelter.org.il/
For more info about Hadag Nahash visit: www.hadagnahash.com

Official Website: http://citywinery.com/events/270654

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