18 High Bridge
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England NE1 1EN

Since everyone's in town for Maker Faire, we're throwing a hackerspaces meetup on the Friday night. Come and drink with some lovely people from a number of UK and US hackerspaces!

Location subject to change if anyone suggests a better pub. I'm fairly sure at least that this one won't be *too* busy on a Friday night.

Any changes of plan, check my Twitter: @russss

Official Website: http://hackspace.org.uk

Added by Russss on February 18, 2010



A great idea, but why not meet up at the Star and Shadow for Datarama, a dta sharing show and tell ( http://ptechnic.org/datarama/datarama.html ). there will hopefully be a couple of us there who are working on getting a space in Newcastle. We might even be able to give you a look at the space we are hoping to get. Also there is a discounted bar and some great people there.


I think it's a little bit late to change our plans unfortunately - maybe we can meet up on Saturday night though?


alistar_uk: I suspect we might end up there ;)


Well I will try and stop by for a swift half on my way and if anyone wants to come across with me then it is not a long walk.