1842 E. Winter Park Rd.
Orlando, Florida

I realize this is a holiday weekend, but if you don't have plans for Saturday and you're interested in hacking, come out to this event. Time and place is soft, but I wanted to get this out there.

The Orlando community has reached a point of comfort where we can plan days like hack days. I think we should come up with some suggestions for projects as well as dates and locations. September is out, I'd prefer middle October or after Thanksgiving.

Actually, the day before BarCamp might be cool, then we could present our mashups as part of BarCamp.

Stardust has free wifi and lots of seating (lots more than it used to) they also have food if you're into that sort of thing. Park on the street out back if the lot is full.

Official Website: http://floridacreatives.com

Added by kerm52 on August 26, 2007


Chad Miller

Excellent! Seriously, I came here to create something just like this.

I spent several days last week in Brooklyn at mysqlcamp, and after a few good sessions, I decided to come back and found a hackfest or codejam or something.

As for dates, I'm away from the 16th to the 4th of October. I won't even be around for barcamp. :(

Chad Miller

Not that I expect it to last that long, but I have a wedding in Maitland to photograph at 1700, note.


Thanks for showing up Chad, our conversation was really great. I look forward to your return and some hacking.

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