The Warehouse, 54-57 Allison Street
Birmingham, England B5 5TH

We're holding these to gather interest in forming a permanent hackerspace in Birmingham, so come along, bring whatever small project you're working on and get hacking!

The Friends of The Earth ( meeting room in Digbeth can accommodate 12 people, has wifi and they'll allow us to do soldering. There is no food available from the company themselves but there is a restaurant in the building at the Warehouse Cafe ( and it is near to the Bullring. It costs 17.50 to book. I've put some photos on Flickr of the meeting room: So, like last time, the more people that turn up, the cheaper it is for everyone. Here's the breakdown:

1 hacker: £17.50
2 hackers: 8.75 each
3 hackers: £5.83 each
4 hackers: £4.37 each
5 hackers: £3.50 each
6 hackers: £2.91 each
7 hackers: £2.50 each
8 hackers: £2.18 each
9 hackers: £1.94 each
10 hackers: £1.75 each
11 hackers: £1.59 each
12 hackers: £1.45 each

Also, if this were to become a regular meeting venue for us (until we acquire our own venue) they do offer storage for £30 per year.

Official Website:

Added by hellocatfood on May 3, 2009