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Ha Ha Tonka's lyrics replicate the paradox that exists in the Midwestern Bible Belt that they know so well, where the realities of meth use, strip clubs, socio-economic hardship, and backwoods prejudices meet the literal interpretations of biblical story-tellers. This Ozark milieu creates some contradictory notions, but also some of the most poignant folk and gospel musical traditions in the nation's history. The bands first single from the album, St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor, is the most representative of the bands sound, combining harmonies and biting guitar riffs with lyrics that delve into issues of nationalism, religious allegiances, and rites of passage. A lyric from the song captures the experience of this album precisely: this glimpse of brilliance is much better than your long look at mediocrity.

Bloodshot Records is pleased to announce the signing of Ha Ha Tonka. Coming straight out of Springfield, MO., the artists previously known as Amsterband specialize in disarming and effortless anthems that owe as much to high and lonesome Ozarks mountain music as chugging college rock. Bloodshot will release the band's debut, Buckle in the Bible Belt, in fall 2007.

Hear St. Nick and other songs here: www.myspace.com/hahatonka

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