206 Washington Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

Who: Bostonian Society/Boston Historical

What: A two part panel presentation entitled Guy Fawkes, Religious Intolerance, and the American Revolution presented by Dr. Brendan McConville of Boston University and Dr. Cynthia Van Zandt of the University of New Hampshire

When: November 5, 2007 – Guy Fawkes Day 6:30pm

Where: The Old State House
206 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02109

Why: Every year on November 5, the people of Britain celebrate a failed plot to blow up the British Houses of Parliament on November 5, 1605. The plot was conceived by a group of Catholics, and the celebration is named for their leader, the notorious Guy Fawkes. In colonial Boston, the celebration was called Pope’s Day; on this day the early colonists staged parades, bonfires and other events to demonstrate their angry sentiments towards both Catholics and the British Monarchy. The annual celebrations of Pope’s Day ceased with end of the Revolution and the growing acceptance of the Catholics in New England.

The event is free and open to the public.

Official Website: http://boston.zebratickets.com/event/6425/guy-fawks-day-in-boston

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