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Omaha, Nebraska 68108

w/ Trippin Balls
TICKETS: $20.50
Guster became one of the most successful bands to hit the East Coast scene in the late '90s. Through relentless touring and humorous stage banter with the crowd, the band developed a strong, grassroots fan base that spread rapidly with a strong presence on the Internet. The Boston trio developed a unique sound with two acoustic guitars and a bongo set, successfully defying the typical industry pigeonholing. They wrote short, infectiously catchy tunes about love, suicide, and absurdist rock star lifestyles. Within a couple of years from their inception, Guster became one of the most popular bands in the area. Named the Best Live Act at the Boston Music Awards in 1997, Guster was hailed as one of the greatest independent successes of the 1990s, achieving a reputation as one of the most reputable unpromoted bands of the decade.

Official Website: http://www.onepercentproductions.com/

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