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Wednesday, January 30, 7:30PM

from the Regattabar website:

“Since the inception of Boston based Jazzmatazz, one of the main focuses has been that it has something for every generation and music lover. It’s timeless. When we enter into these projects we’re working with artists that are relevant and it provides for that fresh new territory,” says Guru, the voice and foundation of the series, who is about to offer the world Jazzmatazz Volume 4 The Hip Hop Jazz Messenger: “Back To the Future.”

While Volume 4 gives you all that goodness you’ve come to expect from this revered catalog, the message on the newest release may just be independence and freedom. This album comes to us when the future gleams so brightly and the past is a legacy due largely to the stellar partnership of Guru with “SuperProducer” and fellow New Yorker, Solar, whose very name is the definition of the sun, light and heat.

“With this album in particular, the fact that the production is done by Solar is an even more contemporary statement,” says Guru.

“It’s a futuristic sound,” says Solar, who studied the origins and social implications of jazz in America, which informed his production with a depth and richness that is unprecedented. “I’m forward thinking,” admits Solar, whose style references classics such as “Summer Breeze,” paying homage while still putting a subtle, soulful and modern spin on these songs—evoking an effect that is at once comfortable, soothing and familiar but also new, fresh and fly. Melded with Guru’s laid-back, cool and confident flow, it’s a complementary match of creative talent and wits that simply soars to new heights.

Planting their partnership even deeper on hip-hop’s ground, Guru and Solar started their own label that's a direct result of the liberation from the big gun record labels that once ruled over their creative decisions and stifled artistic progress. Enter 7 Grand Records, which Solar says was named for being “larger than its own entity. Classy, but not overstated—and elegant.” The two friends and business partners, who came from varied backgrounds but found common ground in music, aren’t afraid of leading moral, anti-materialistic lives. Juxtaposed with the bling-bling attitudes of others in the hip-hop game, Guru and Solar are proud to set a higher spiritual standard. “We’re the moral gangstas,” laughs Solar.

Many talented friends also come through on Jazzmatazz Volume 4 to bless the record and be a part of its tradition. Slum Village, Common, Blackalicious, among many others lend their unique voices and styles to record. "Stand Up (Some Things'll Never Change)” features Damian Marley, one of the joint's stand out tracks that helps to set the whole project ablaze. All gets ignited when Jazzmatazz Volume 4 The Hip Hop Jazz Messenger: “Back To the Future.” hits streets early Summer, 2007. Make sure to wear your sunglasses for this one!

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Official Website: http://www.getshowtix.com/regattabar/moreinfo.cgi?id=1329

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