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Gunshow + Starkey's Machine + Loser Tag

In February of this year, Gunshow presented Color it Clean, a sketch show almost a year in the making. Then they looked at it and said, "we can get this fucker down to 30 minutes." So. Gunshow is proud to bring to the Peoples Improv Theater Color it Clean, Redux: thirty minutes of well-crafted sketch comedy tightened, trimmed and shined to perfection.

Starkey's Machine
Nate Starkey knows more than most men should know, more than it's safe to know. Find out what goes on inside the head of a paranoid, sociopath, nicotine addict and learn a little bit about yourself and the future. Starkey's Machine is sexy entertainment that you'll want all Nate long. Written by and starring Nate Starkey. Videos directed by Kevin Napier, Kevin Scott and Jack Haley. Audio production by Sam Albright. Photoshop art by Beth Cherry and Dan Winkler.

Loser Tag
Can you claim to have been shoved into a locker every year of your childhood, and maybe once or twice in college, and hey, maybe once or twice at the gym by your colleagues? Have you ever sought payback? Welcome to Loser Tag. We've got your back. Loser Tag is Than Bryan, Willis Chen, Andrew Tucci, Colin Gilroy, Kevin Cragg, Neil Van Kerkhove, and Jenni Cramer.

Added by The PIT on May 30, 2005

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