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Your chance to win the new Guitar Hero World Tour game, Guitar Hero t-shirts, plus tickets to the London launch party at the start of November! (NB Entry to the event is free, but to take part in the competition please book via e-mail at [email protected] )

Unofficial fan event/Over-18s only: If you're a fretboard-shredding plastic-axe hero, and/or want to see people who think they might be, come to the London Games Fringe's biggest music videogame face-off, with prizes generously donated by Activision Blizzard's Guitar Hero World Tour.

Judged on all aspects of their performance, competitors not only have to score big but perform big as well, playing on a real stage to a real audience in a proper live gig setting. With expert judges giving bands an X-Factor-like grilling, only the best will be crowned London Games Fringe Guitar Heroes of the Year. And if you can't hold a tune, there'll be a cosplay competition as well - come dressed as a Guitar Hero character and the best picked by the audience and judges will win. So turn it up to eleven!

Part of the London Games Fringe, a festival of alternative gaming events at the end of October 2008, organised by artists, academics, gamers, game developers, educators and creative professionals from a wide range of different media:

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