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Relaxing in a comfortable position, your being reverberates to the frequencies of the 9 singing quartz crystal bowls while Nicole Asprocolas, Certified Hypnotherapist, guides you through a chakra cleansing and balancing.

The singing quartz crystal bowls induces one into a deeply relaxing, meditative trance state conducive for healing. You will actually feel the frequency of the healing bowls reverberating around your body. Each singing bowl correlates to one of the 7 seven main chakras. Chakras are subtle centers of energy, which when awakened helps to establish an inner balance between the body, mind and spirit, the key for good health. Through guided imagery, we will journey through the chakras to open, cleanse, and activate your energetic field.**

**Side effects may include: a balanced energy field, the feeling of blissfulness, rejuvenation, relaxation, personal well-being, peacefulness, and a greater connection to your higher self, Mother Earth and to the Source of All that Is.

No prior experience necessary.

Please Preregister: Om Base- (503) 922-3100
Bring: Yoga mat, blanket, and/or pillows
Om Base also provides yoga mats

Official Website: http://www.trinitihealing.com

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