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We think there've been enough consecutive days of sunshine (or at least sunbreaks) in Seattle to consider Springtime officially here... and Summer right around the corner. Although we weren't inclined to participate as kids, we've come to associated Spring with athletes taking to the fields, joggers running by, and people filling the parks on weekends for frisbee and kickball. And we've definitely learned to appreciate an athletic physique. With that in mind, it seems like a good time for all us Guerrillas to be


Whether you were a hard-core jock back in college or your high school years were spent in Math Olympics, come embrace your inner athlete with the rest of the GMP gang on Saturday, June 9th and 9pm!

This is your chance to wear all those great pads and cups and helmuts and things you always wondered (or fantasized?) about. Grab a bat and a ball, a baton, javelin, or discus. Pull on some boxing gloves or tie on some skates. We may not have ice, but isn't any locale perfect for roller-derby? Then again, maybe just roller disco.

Be the star of the Football team for a night, or that volleyball player who's spike everyone feared. Tennis anyone? Those Racquetball goggles look so fetching on you! Or perhaps you wanna get wet? A little swimming, diving, or water polo? Just bring enough towels to dry off your horse - we don't want her to catch cold.

Maybe the sidelines are where you belong? Wanna boss everyone around as the coach, umpire or referee? Cheer them to victory with your pom-poms? Or tailgate the whole game, rooting for the home team? Get your beer hat and your coolers ready!

Dust off your plaid pants and play on through. There will be at least 18 holes just waiting for your balls... Golf balls! What where you thinking of? My goodness, you're naughty!

And how fun would it be to organize your friends and make up a whole team! Come as the entire wrestling team, the cheer squad, or the undefeated dodgeball champions!

Or go crazy and make up your own sport. We've heard of frisbee golf -- Why not a little Underwater Hockey or Dogsled gymnastics?

Whether you run, bike, swim, ski, surf, or skate your way there, come on out on Saturday, June 9th at 9pm for GOOD SPORTS!

And we've picked a whole team of unsuspecting playing fields to engage in our respective activities on:

The first quarter of the game starts at 9pm at what is possibly the least sporty bar in Seattle - Martin's Off Madison. It's a piano bar located just around the corner from Chop Suey. It's at 1413 14th Ave, between Madison and Union on 14th.

At 10pm, (after we wear out our welcome begging pianist to play "Take Me Out to the Ballgame") the second quarter begins and we move just around the corner to the Madison Pub - at 1315 East Madison St.

Then at 11pm, the second half starts as we pop into Barca at 1510 11th Ave - just one block down and one block over, between Pike & Pine on 11th.

Finally, for the fourth quarter and the post-game show, at Midnight we'll make our way down to Havana Social Club at 1010 East Pike Street. This one's a little tricky, as there's no signage and the entrance is in a parking lot. Walk into the parking lot directly across Pike Street from Cafe Vita (between 10th and 11th), then look for the black awning - that's the way in. Also, there's a $5 cover - but well worth it for the chance to dance to great tunes while wearing a football uniform, right?

Official Website: http://www.gmpseattle.com/

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