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Seattle, Washington

It's that time of year again when we reflect on the previous 12 months
and make goals for the next 12. And we've been thinking a lot about
one word in 2005: OUTLAWED!

This past year, Martha Stewart returned from jail, and Lil' Kim got
sent up the river. Gay Marriage was outlawed in some states and (on
the other side of the political coin) teaching 'Intelligent Design'
was given a smack down in a Pennsylvania court. Distances seemed to
play a big role in outlawed activities this year, too -- from the 25
feet you have to walk away from bars & businesses to smoke, to the
4-foot distance required between patrons and performers at Seattle
strip clubs (not to mention the full lighting and tip jar rules).

We also thought a lot these past 12 months about one of our big
inspirations: The so-called 'Outlaw Parties' thrown by Michael Alig
and the notorious Club Kids of NYC in the late 20th century. They used
to dress up in wild costumes and show up unexpectedly in restaurants,
on subway trains, and at other public locations. Sound familiar? It

So in honor of this one word, and all it means, we'll begin 2006 with
"OUTLAWED!" - a party on Saturday, January 28th to celebrate laws,
lawmakers, and lawbreakers. Have you been naughty?

With so many rules on the books, there's so much costume fodder to
choose from! Come as an orange jumpsuit clad criminal or wear the
proud blue uniform of a police officer. You could dress as one of the
cast of Law & Order, or CSI. Represent a little known local ordinance,
like the 6-month jail term a woman faces for sitting on a man's lap
(without a pillow in between) on a Seattle bus... or the law against
pretending your parents are rich in the state of Washington. And you
can always pay homage to our freaky forefathers and come in your best
Club Kid gettup! Check out Party Monster: The Shockumentary for

Hell, why not show up as a married gay, chain-smoking, Creationist
stripper and sit on someone's lap while claiming Bill Gates is your Dad!

Whatever you do, freshen up on your legalese and make sure your
attorney is present for OUTLAWED! on Saturday, January 28th at 10pm.

(as always, the locations will be kept a secret til the week of the
party, but we'll give you a little hint... FREedom of the press may be
losing ground with the Supreme Court, but don't open your husband's
mail in MONTana).

To check out the full invitation, go to

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