E. 12th Street between 1st Avenue & Avenue A
New York City, New York

Guerrilla Girl
New York Premiere!
A feature-length documentary by Frank Piasecki Poulsen

Friday June 30, 2006
8:30 - Live Music by ULI (Latin / Pop / Electronica click for details)
9:00 - Welcome to the jungle.
TRT: 1:49:00

On the lawn at Open Road Park
E. 12th Street between 1st Avenue & Avenue A

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Guerrilla Girl
(Frank Piasecki Poulsen | Copenhagen, Denmark | 1:30:00)
Hidden deep in the Colombian jungle is the training camp of the guerrilla army of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The Danish director Frank P. Poulsen and his crew manage to get access to this itinerant camp ("Guerrillas never stay in one place") to document 21-year-old Isabel's preparation to fight against the regime. At the outset, she's told, "This is for life."

In three month's time, Isabel—who recently bade farewell to her family, boyfriend, friends, house and study—will be trained as a guerrilla fighter. It is hard for her to get used to the rugged jungle life: she stays in the shower for too long, and slaughtering a pregnant cow does not come easy to her, either. The filmmaker demonstrates remarkable access—the camera is constantly present to capture everything from the making of a wooden dummy weapon to the lessons on compulsory contraception measures for women. Isabel's correspondence with the home front and the diary she scrupulously keeps are used to illustrate the tough transition from a normal life to incorporation into the FARC ranks. Despite everything, Isabel pulls through the arduous training with the help of the army command and her fellow recruits.

The film will be preceded by one short:
The Substitute (Palya Layie | Jerusalem, Israel | 19:00)
Mandatory military service in Israel lands two young women in an unhappy position. One is savvy and hardened, playing the sometimes painful games within the bureaucracy that will get her a needed transfer to a cushier job. Her new charge, however, is overwhelmed and depressed, and will go to even greater and more disturbing lengths to get out of service.

Mexican-born Brooklyn-based producer ULI released her first solo album, Simple, on May 30th, 2006. Mixing different styles and languages the 10-song CD, produced by The Glacierz (Eugene Toale and ULI), was recorded in Mexico City with the punk band Liquits, and finished in Brooklyn with some of the best young players in town. With eight originals and covers of The Smiths and John Holt, Simple aims to release different singles in various international markets. As a producer ULI has worked with Ashanti, Gigi and Bill Laswell, Baby Monroe and Lazy K.

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