888 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

The GTD Global Summit will bring together some of the world's most interesting, innovative and highly achieving advocates of David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity methodology.
Speakers and presenters include James Fallows, Guy Kawasaki, Dave Logan, Marshall Goldsmith and others!

The conference will feature inspirational and practical success stories of the ways in which GTD has enabled people and organizations to apply their talents, energy to undertake projects that are "changing the way the world works."

Official Website: http://www.gtdsummit.com

Added by GTD on September 6, 2008



Should we hold a parallel GTDcamp during this event in which we don't spend $2300 and actually Get Things Done?


I'm with you Raines. This is crazy expensive. a GTD camp is a great idea.


Is there a hooker and blow included with a 5-star hotel room? This is 2009. Cheap is in! I love GTD, but that's nuts. This isn't a TED talk.