166-220 Holloway Road
London, England N7 8DB

NB Both events are free, but Grl Gmr contestants are requested to pre-register online www.thinkmakeplay.co.uk/grlgmr

Unofficial fan event: For female gamers of all ages (male supporters welcome), the Grl Gmr Tournament gives you 5 games, 5 winners, 1 overall champion. There'll be prizes for the winner of each of the following: Wii Tennis, Tekken 5, Kuri Kuri Mix, Mario Cart, Unreal Tournament (over-15s only), plus a special prize for the Tournament Champion. Contestant places are limited, so guarantee yours by pre-registering online at www.thinkmakeplay.co.uk/grlgmr (you can also register at the door if places are still available).

Then, for male and female gamers alike, it's the World Record attempt to get several hundred Nintendo DS players in the same venue at the same time, organised by the people behind the UK's biggest monthly wireless-gaming meetups. Turn up early and test your multi-player skills!

Part of the London Games Fringe, a festival of alternative gaming events at the end of October 2008, organised by artists, academics, gamers, game developers, educators and creative professionals from a wide range of different media: www.londongamesfringe.com

Official Website: http://www.dslondonrecord.net

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We have almost 200 people on the pre-sign up. We just need anout 200 and we've done it!

We have nintendo filming on the day and also an exclusive demonstration of the latest Official World Guinness game!