1222 Commonwealth Avenue
Allston, Massachusetts

Wed 04.12.06

Gris Gris

Brian Glaze (ex Brian Jonestown Massacre)


San Fran?s Gris Gris, who released their sophomore effort, For the Season, late last year, are one of the

fortunate throwbacks?a psych rock band truly interested in the traditional sounds of the genre.

For the Season
teems with carnival organ fills, eight-legged guitar solos, and excitable cymbals. The blend

of these elements?as found on tracks like the six-minute crag-rock ?Year Zero??is nothing less than a

thrilling amalgamation psych-rock?s storied past and its uncertain future. At their most powerful, Gris Gris

are as noisy and frightening as any of their more consciously experimental peers, the product of a still-

versatile set of old parts and an aggressive, restless mindset. (full review from Stylus)

At Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston MA, 18+ 9PM, $8.00 (MAP)

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