45 Kew Road
Richmond, England TW9 2NQ

Come ye, come ye! Gather round and get rather smashed on your preferred choice of liver-furring toxic substance (or vaguely radioactive mineral water, if that's your thing). Rather than be a boring git protesting the pointlessness of New Year's Eve - having just maxed out your credit card on plastic Made In China tat for some ungrateful second-cousin - rejoice in this most hallowed and ancient (well, since 1752 anyway) seasonal celebration as two thousand and seven arrives.

A limited amount of floorspace is available at my premises for people who live a considerable distance away and want somewhere local to lay down their head. Contact me privately for info.

(P.S. The number of guests you can bring is utterly arbitrary; it didn't let me say "unlimited".)

Added by kapowaz on December 27, 2006



Will there be midgets - on fire? Or was that breathing...?


Midgets... on fire?! Thats a bit cruel isn't it?

Don't get me wrong, I like midgets as much as the next man, but I'm sure they can be more amusing jumping about or juggling or something?


I was amused by those who happened to be at my Birthday and their insatiable appetite for women!


Were they yet more gatecrashing friends of Jamelia, or genuine friends of yours, Matt?