1001 SE Morrison
Portland, Oregon

Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux
After over a year of internet exchanges of ideas and sounds, Parisian Sebastien Roux and Vermonter Greg Davis decided to put their love to the test. Combining their interests in psychedelic music, digital processing, folk, sunshine pop, musique concrete, ethnic sounds, drones and field recordings, Sebastien (who works at the famed computer music institution IRCAM) and Greg (who holds two degrees in music and composition) have created a dynamic musical journey full of joy and surprises.

Paul Dickow was an fan of synth-pop who simultaneously learned to play
keyboards, the drums and program. He went on to drum in the art punk outfit
Emergency, play keyboards in Fontanelle and multiple instruments in Nudge. He
has been performing and DJing as Strategy at dance clubs, rock clubs, dance
parties and galleries up and down the West Coast, and regularly performs at
Holocene and Berbati's Pan.

Portland Oregon's Plants are a psychedelic folk act that blend ethereal
acoustic textures and sad lyrical beauty. Plants employ strings,
organs, flutes and bells to create music that's 'quietly intense', like the sound of a storm in the distance. They create a kind of personal folk music for their own imagined world of half-awake dreams, living forests and forgotten mystical creatures. While the band is the brainchild of Josh Blanchard and Molly Griffith's musical and romantic partnership, the group has also served as a collaborative melting pot for members of JACKIE O MOTHERFUCKER, NICE NICE and NUDGE.

Bird Show
Ben Vida has lived in Chicago since 1996. Though best known for his
work in Town & Country, he has been a prominent player in the Chicago music scene, placing
himself at the nexus between improvised and acoustic minimalist musics.

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