1 Summers Lane
Hamilton, Ontario

The 2009 Annual Conference of Green Communities Canada 18–20 March 2009, Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton, ON.


Green for all! Exciting news from Obama’s America about the new green economy and green pathways out of poverty.

The economic case for Green Communities.
Calculating spin-offs.
Revenue generation. Selling goods and services that generate revenues while meeting our eco-objectives. Storefronts and fee-for-service operations.
Greening businesses, workplaces. A target for environmental gains and a market for our services and programs.
Towards a Conservation Corps. Proposal for a national environmental internship program to give youth on-the-job training for good green work. Review of how green groups are using existing federal and provincial job creation programs.
Demonstration homes & spaces. Benefits, challenges, revenue-generation.
Web 2.0. Internet-based strategies for social networking and collaboration.
Community animation. Working with neighbourhoods and community groups - a powerful engine for mobilizing greening at the household and street level.
Trees in the city. Urban forest programs that thrive.
Sustainability plans. Benefits and challenges of participating in municipal and community planning processes.
Sustainable food. Successful community programs that promote local food security and sustainable food production.
Is local always best? Weighing the relative benefits of locally grown vs. organic, fair trade.
Maintaining morale in tough times. Keep spirits high in our workplaces.

Official Website: http://www.gca.ca

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