305 Main St.
Redwood City, California

Want to see the latest alternatives for getting around? Join us Saturday, April 12 for a day of education and entertainment. Featuring major manufacturers, innovators and nonprofits, all on one site.

Free and open to the public.

Green Transportation 2008: Choices for the Future is the first show of its kind in San Mateo County. Dedicated to accelerating the transition to a sustainable transportation future by building awareness of emerging clean-and-green vehicles and transportation options, it will showcase state-of-the-art electric, alternative-fuel, solar, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles and support systems.

Come see the latest vehicles and transportation alternatives, including solar, electric, high-efficiency hybrids, hydrogen and other alternative fuel vehicles. GT08 will host nonprofits, innovators, emerging companies and major vehicle manufacturers.

Exhibitors include:
Electric Green Showroom
Electric Motorsport
Sustainable Habitat
Solar City
GreenE Motos
Society for Sustainable Mobility
Electro Ride
LC Biofuels
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Official Website: http://www.greentransportation2008.com/

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This conflicts with Yuri's night at NASA Ames (http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/417732/), which also has a sustainability component and will likely be much more fun and entertaining. If folks used Upcoming earlier in their event planning, maybe we could avoid this kind of conflict! Of course, you can go to this in the morning and Yuri's night for the evening and spend the whole day thinking green.