215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Holiday Sale Market Place

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Come & discover, meet & buy green and environmentally friendly services & products such as:

Anarres Natural Health A natural health practice - Massage, Reflexology, plus more

Autoshare Rent by the hour - An Alternative solution to owning a car

Balance Advertising Solutions Advertising, Promotions, Event Planning & more

Carbon Zero Learn how to neutralize your carbon emissions through offset projects located primarily in Canada.

Chocoland Handmade organic Fair Trade chocolates

Dandelion Food & Herb Healthy Pantry Stocking; Nutrition educating and consulting

Eco-Realtor Chris Chopik A ‘green’ conscious realtor

Fertile Ground Bookstore An Environmental Bookstore

Green Enterprise Toronto Green Enterprise Toronto, a network to help connect locally owned ‘green’ businesses and customers

Green for Life Effective, non-toxic and safe cleaning products for the home

Green is Black Eco-Ethical Fashions

Green Students Fundraising Offers CFLs (energy efficient light bulbs), canteens and other green products for fundraising projects

Heart on Your Sleeve Ethical, sustainable, local & Canadian Clothes

Merchants of Green Coffee Specializing in certified green Arabica coffees

Moments In The Sun 100% organic cotton (sweatshop-free) men's apparel

soma earth enterprises Echo-Architecture - creating green, sustainable, conscious spaces, homes & buildings

Tashodi Fair trade, natural, bath, body and face products

For more information contact GET at www.greenenterprise.net 416-644-1012 [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.greenenterprise.net

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To the chicks who shoved their way to the front of the crowd, jumped around and pushed those nearby when they got there, and elbowed another girl in the freaking face:

Die in a fire.