1200 9th Avenue
SAN FRANCISCO, California 94112

Join Green Apple Books & The Onion for a juicy, literary, unforgettable evening with author Aimee Bender, reading and signing her latest book, 'Willful Creatures.'

There is a lot of cleverness in contemporary American fiction, but too frequently it comes at the cost of real emotional attachment. It's because Aimee Bender does not sacrifice true depth of character to laughs or surprises that she's been a favorite of ours for so long. Darkness and hints of desperation always lurk within Bender’s whimsy, but the possibility of redemption is never entirely out of reach. Join us as she leads a tour through the not-so-innocent wonderland of modern life, reading from the paperback release of her most recent collection. Co-sponsored by The Onion, America's finest news source, which promises -- promises! -- a little extra something for your trouble.

This free event begins at 7:30 pm, and is open to all ages. Come one and all!

Added by Green Apple Books on July 25, 2006