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Green and Clean Dinner Series - Dinner #3: "Transitioning Your Career to Green"

SDForum is delighted to announce the fourth program in its evening series on, "Transitioning Your Career to Green," devoted to exploring the issues and highlighting the instrumental players in this burgeoning industry that spans technologies and businesses and impacts entrepreneurs, tech executives, investors and other stakeholders. This series will focus on how careers are being transitioned from hardware and software technology into green and clean careers.

Overview: The program will focus on how traditional technology professionals and executives have made the career leap into clean and green. Transitioning from software into solar is a feasible alternative, as is going from hardware to wind power. But neither can transition to biofuels. What and where are the opportunities to successfully transition? What are the challenges and barriers faced by professionals looking to make the change? What is the perspective from the venture community and executive recruiters? Our panel will provide insights into how they made the transition and the actionable advice they are giving to others who are looking to jump into green and clean careers.

6:00-6:30 - Registration, Networking, Cocktails
6:45-7:00 - Introductions
7:00-8:00 - Panel Discussion: Transitioning Your Career to Green

Kevin Barry, Schweichler Price & Partners
Bruce Pasternak, CMEA Ventures
Prakash Ramachandran, Nordic Windpower Ltd.
Kevin Surace, Serious Materials
Moderator: Mitchell Zuklie, Orrick

8:00 - Q&A, Networking
8:30 - Closing Remarks

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