58 Dundas East
Toronto, Ontario

A place for GTA podcasters to meet, swap stories, hang out with fans and start forming this podcasting community I have heard so much about...

Added by Craig@Tangents on February 27, 2006



I hope we can make it. Let's shoot for somewhere downtown pls.?


Downtown is good for me. Lets see how many people are coming and then nail down a location.


I would LOVE to come to this but unfortunately I have a show out of town that I have to attend, a tribute for a dear departed friend. If was earlier in the day or on another I would definitely come.

- J.


I'm up for going to this. I've been wanting to meet some TO podcasters for awhile.
Downtown is good for me.

Howard Carson

. . . and how about someplace that's actually quiet enough (sans the loud bar/pub music) so that people can actually talk rather than holler at each other all night, hmmm? Another scream-fest like the last G4 meetup at No Regrets is not fun.

Howard, Kickstartnews Revue


Suggest Imperial PUBlic Library near the Eaton Centre. Good beer and quieter on Saturdays.


Looking forward to meeting you all.


I'll make it down if I can. Depends on where I'm at in April. The PUB is alright - but can I suggest 'The Green Room'(if it's still there) down the alley from the 'Poor Alex', off Brunswick and Bloor. I've been dreaming about their Avacado & Brie sandwiches and they've got that nice courtyard that cuts down on city noise.


I'm up for a meetup too. I wouldn't mind swapping, tips tricks and stories with other podcasters and listeners.

Do any of the suggestions have a good place for my to park my motorcycle? :)

Cathi Bond

If I'm in town I'm there. The Green Room or the Imperial Pub sound like good choices.

Cathi Bond

Scarborough Dude

Imperial Pub - good location, good beer - I'm with Sonia on this one. But then again, maybe 'watchers' votes don't count for as much as 'attending' votes...

Scarborough Dude

Further thoughts: how about making an effort to listen to at least one show of those podcasters attending, so that when you meet the person in real life, you don't have to make empty promises about subscribing in future... I just started with Tangents and will work my way thru this list.

Brad Fox

What's a community get together without a video podcaster or two? Great idea, and very much looking forward to it.

Brad Fox / Cerealized.com


I am SO there! Thanks for the long lead time Wayne. I'm putting in for the whole weekend tomorrow. Sweet! And I don't care where it is in Toronto.


Does Buffalo count as the Greater Toronto Area? I'd love to come.


The meetup is open to anyone who wants to come, no matter physical or mental location. I look forward to seeing you there!


Well I'm still waiting to see just where I'm at around April. But meantime... Who belongs to which podcast? So we all get a chance to tune in to each other's shows before the meetup. (Good idea SD!)



Hey hey, my event was moved to the Friday so I'm IN! Lots to discuss, like how I sat in breakfast full of radio people at CMW last week and said "I"m a podcaster" - you should have seen the looks I got! Priceless.

My vote is for the Library (Imperial) - central, quiet, and as a Rye alum full of many good (and many lost) memories. Let me know the final location.

- J.


Andre Skinner and Joe Chisholm of indiecan.com will be there. FYI, we feature Southern Ontario indie acts from folk to pop-punk and we are always looking for quality artists to include in our show. Fire us a line if you have artists that you think deserve airtime at [email protected].



I host two indie music shows.
The Closet Geek Show - http://www.closetgeekshow.com and The FTM Show - http://www.ftmpodcasting.com/show

The CGS is my weekly program and The FTM Show is released monthly and I'm a co-host with Phil Coyne from bitjobs for the masses - http://www.bitjobs.net


I do a 3-4 minute take on the rabble radio podcast.


I do a more-often-than-biweekly podcast on motorcycling in Canada.



I do a weekly podcast on law and libraries, with a regular featured segment on Canada. http://cto.libsyn.com


Yaaaah! I'm so excited to meet other Toronto Podcasters! I love to network and share the positive vibe!
Make'm Smile...


ooops.. better hyperlink...


I am a podcaster wannabe and "Canadian correspondent" on jmilles' aforementioned http://cto.libsyn.com . I plan to tag along. Who is recording the evening? Heh.


Unfortunately, I'm moving that weekend, but I'll definitely be out to future gatherings!


Hey I don't think I ever said anything about my show. It's the Toronto Independent Music Podcast http://blogto.com/toronto_independent_music_podcast/, part of blogTO.com. FYI if anyone is or knows Toronto-area artists interested in being on the show, please direct them to http://musicface.com/tim/contact.html

So I take it the Library is confirmed as the venue?


Yep, I just confirmed with the pub. We will probably be upstairs which "has a nicer atmosphere".

Being a super geek and a keener, I was planning on making up name tags to hang around your neck with your name (or alias) and your show name. If you want a nice fancy one (meaning printed out) send whatever you want on the name tag to [email protected]. I will have blank ones on the day as well.

Is there anything that needs to be done or that someone would like to suggest happen? Should we invite a newspaper reporter or two and all become rich and famous?


On Craig's newspaper suggestion, perhaps NOW, Eye and the Toronto Star should be contacted?

I like the custom nametag idea. I'll have to come up with something. Maybe there should be a submission deadline to give Craig enough time to make them up?

I scouted the upstairs lounge at the library a couple weeks ago. It's a perfect setting! I'm bringing my iRiver to capture the event. Who else?

What about formal introductions in front of the group once assembled?


I like the custom nametag idea and the newspaper ideas.

I'll be bringing my iriver too.

Formal introductions might be an idea, but wont you meet everyone just by mingling?


A few of you I've already met, alot of you I haven't. But, it looks like I can be there. Not a podcaster myself at this point, I do this -


Barry from Barrie

I don't know anyone. But looking forward to meeting some fellow podcaster.



Awesome! I love meeting fellow vloggers and podcasters. I'm looking forward to capturing this event.



This is really exciting. Another video podcaster here. Looking forward to meeting everyone!



Okay, guess I should put up the url for my podcast now that we're days away (insert shiver of anticipation here).
It'll be great to meet more podcasters AND maybe even put faces to urls to shows. Thanks.


So looking forward to meeting all of you!

8pm til???

Make'm Smile!
KFC :-)


Yaaaa! Today's the day!!!

Can I video tape this thing or what?
I'm guessing we'll be podcasting it too??

C-ya at 8!
Make'm Smile,
KFC :-)


Not sure if Erin or I will be able to make it, but have fun all the same!

Chris CaugheyMachine
Toronto's Molar Radio Podcast


Great meeting you all last night. I blogged about our meet up.



I had a great time meeting everyone last night (and having my illusions about peace-loving Canadians shattered). I'm looking forward to seeing you all again.


Great to meet everyone, and thanks for organizing us, Craig! I'm hoping that by the time y'all see me again I will have actually used that little microphone I was showing around.

Does anyone want to start up a Yahoo group or something so we can stay in touch and chat in the meantime?



Wow, the power of the Internet... Ask and ye shall recieve.