1201 Seventeenth Street, NW
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20036

Great Noise Ensemble continues their "Valiant" season
with their second concert, "Premiers + Prized Pieces" on November 17,
2006 at The Charles Sumner School, on 17th and M Sts., NW, Washington,
DC, at 7PM. The Ensemble will premier, Ritornello by Armando
Bayolo, The Softest Bite by Heather Figi, Chamber Concerto by Blair
Goins and General Electric by D.J. Sparr.

"Premiers + Prized Pieces" draws on a wide array of influences ranging
from early Baroque music through Afro-Cuban folk music and
contemporary Rock and Jazz. Finished earlier this year, Bayolo's
Ritornello is a contemporary art piece that draws on the music of
Baroque composer Michael Praetorius to celebrate Christmas. Through
the surprising conjunction of two worlds - ethereal impressionism
combined with the sensuous rhythms and warmth of Afro-Cuban music –
The Softest Bite gives us an intimate glimpse of the sources of
Heather Figi's inspiration. Blair Goins' homage to instruments in
Chamber Concerto is infectiously engaging. Sparr's General Electric,
a concerto grosso for electric guitar, electric bass, synthesizer,
percussion and chamber ensemble, perfectly synthesizes rock and
classical traditions.

The mission of the Great Noise Ensemble is to promote the work of
young, emerging talents in the field of new music from the United
States with a focus on composers from the Washington DC area and to
further the creation of new musical compositions, present world-class
performances of masterpieces of music since 1970 and to educate
audiences on the work of both established and emerging composers
active in the creation of new concert music.

Past performances this season included a birthday celebration of Steve
Reich and his music, the first of Great Noise's annual Composers in
Profile series and the only event honoring Steve Reich in the
Washington, DC region. Other performances in the 2006-07 season will
feature Great Noise's return to familiar venues from Season One such
as the Charles Sumner School and the Patricia M. Sitar Center in
Washington D.C. Also in 2006-07, Great Noise is the ensemble in
residence for the Washington chapter of the American Composers Forum.

Founded on the internet in the summer of 2005, The Great Noise
Ensemble was formed when a call went out on craigslist.com from
composer/conductor Armando Bayolo. This call was answered by seven
area musicians united in their passion for new music. These seven
original members then sent out a call to other like-minded artists and
before long Great Noise had grown into the nineteen instrumentalists
and two singers which now comprise its core membership.

For questions please contact Executive Director Kristen Benoit at
[email protected] or visit http://www.greatnoisensemble.com,
or http://www.myspace.com/greatnoise.

Official Website: http://www.greatnoiseensemble.com

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