Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore- 560 012, Landmark: Opposite to IISc Gate II / Next to Sadashivanagar New Police Station
Bangalore, Maharashtra 560012

Under the hood of robust enterprise IT systems, infrastructure, software, products and applications, is the wisdom, passion, grit and experience of people who have contributed in multiple ways to make the end product successful. This collective ecosystem of "Developers" — decision makers, analysts, architects, engineers, project managers, designers, and programmers — is what makes the world of software tick.

The 2008 edition of Saltmarch Media’s annual Great Indian Developer Summit, centered around the theme of "Recipes for Enterprise Productivity", features a blockbuster convergence of three on-the-radar co-located conferences that no entity in the "Developer ecosystem" can ignore in their quest for success at work and in their careers – Bleeding-edge .NET, Rich Web and Daring Java.

The first of its kind in India, Saltmarch Media's Developer Summit 2008, held from May 19-23 2008 at the IISc in Bangalore, will provide a high quality summit experience where the most intelligent minds and proactive technology organizations converge to create a high-quality learning experience. Hosted in an intimate setting, the summit offers its participants the best food and comforts, ample networking opportunities, and thematized downtimes and after hours to foster informal interaction among the developer community in India. Visit the summit on the web

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