Kingston Road
Frilford, Oxon, England

Britain’s Biggest Cheese Market

An awesome sight, bursting at the seams with over 100 cheesemakers offering more than 450 cheeses to taste and buy. This is truly Britain’s Biggest Cheese Market.

Food from Britain Market
From fruit wines to fish pies the market offers a kaleidoscope of flavours to tempt and inspire food lovers. Some products are rarely found outside their region while others are available in good delis countrywide.

The Big-Top Tent

We cannot guarantee the weather so we have a huge, flamboyant, Big-Top Tent with seating for 300, and standing room for lots more, where you can listen to the band, watch Britain’s biggest “tossers” [of cheese] or simply enjoy your best ever in-door [or out-door if the weather is good] picnic!

The Oxford Arms
Under cover of the Big-Top Tent is our very own “pub” offering 36 different English wines, real ale & lager from Cotswold Brewing Co and Goff’s Brewery, award winning Benson’s Juices plus ciders and even Perry. While you savour your pint have the Dream Team analyse your cheesey nightmares.

School for Big Cheeses

The aim of the Festival is to educate and inspire our visitors. You can watch a riveting cheesemaking demonstration, learn the art of cheese tasting, or match wine, cider or beers with something old, something new, something curdled or something blue!
Tickets from £2.50.

Hall of Champions

A unique chance to see over 150 medal winners from the 2006 British Cheese Awards displayed in the categories & classes in which they were judged and make your own champion cheeseboard!

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Gaetan Lee

mmmmm cheese


mmmmmmmm cheese


link should be (one given fails)

cheese needs crackers ... ;-P


thanks AlisonW - they changed it, the cheeky cheesers...

Gaetan Lee

Which day are people going?

I will be there on the Sunday...

Bring Stuff

I'm there on Saturday and will be sporting a cheese hat (along with a small group of friends). no idea if we'll get prizes or free cheese but it's a fun idea.

Gaetan Lee

So much cheese!!! almost cheesed out