345 Somerville Ave.
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143

From the PA's website:

"Free Fucking Music Jam Squad" led by John Olson of Wolf Eyes synth abusers Dead Machines, and the legendary American Tapes label. Total fire-music free jazz ecstatic skronk that finds Olson trading caveman electronics for post-Ayler animal alto sax, backed by bass and drums from the guts of Detroit. This band is back from the dead after five years? lapse, and is making a rare appearance in Somerville for their first ever tour. Graveyards"... cut Folkways-style jungle swat with beautiful punk primitive Norman Howard/Paul Flaherty/Kaoru Abe-style brass assaults, dooms of handcuff percussion, minimal drum skin contact and the sound of analog tape spooling Now through your wide-open skull." - David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue UK

Disaster Unit
The first concert in four years by this brutal free-music quartet, assembled by visionary drummer Laurence Cook, known for his work with jazz legends like Alan Silva, rockers like Thurston Moore and the Godz, and for interpreting avant-garde percussion pieces by the likes of Morton Feldman. The Unit was initiated by Cook in 1998 for the express purpose of opening up for Borbetomagus? northeast tour, but the disaster grew for years until a particularly viscous performance opening for Superchunk where shocked indie-rockers were stunned by flying metal, unforgiving walls of feedback, and Cook?s idiosyncratic method of playing the drums by casually tossing ropes of chains at them. Now, despite an utter lack of popular demand, the Unit is back! The band includes Greg Kelley (of nmperign, Heathen Shame, the BSC) on trumpet, Jason Lescalleet on tapeloops, and Vic Rawlings (the BSC) on cello and open-circuit electronics.

Skeletons Out
Fuzzy warble and unsteady clatter by the duo of Howard Stelzer (of Intransitive Recordings, playing cassette tapes) and Jay Sullivan (of We Break More Records, on prepared records and amplified turntable). Two guys who put out records, using records and tape recordings to make new recordings. Wicked meta, I know...did I just blow your mind?

We Love You
The free-improvising alter ego of pop combo Chin Chin, featuring Polly Hanson on drums (aka Chin Chin?s singer/guitarist), Boston?s formidable Dave Gross on sax (aka Chin Chin?s drummer, but check out his uncompromising solo sax CD "Things I?ve Found to be True" on Sedimental Records) and bassist Mike Bullock on bass (duh) and oscillators.

Age Restrictions: 21+
Doors Open: 8:00PM
Ticket Price: $7

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