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Saturday, June 28, 2008, marks our ninth annual Grassroots Use of Technology conference!

This year's theme is "Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate"; it focuses on the new technologies and organizing tools available for connecting organizers and their communities.

As always, the Grassroots Use of Technology conference is one of the only events that brings technology and endusers together, allowing us to learn from each other.


Breakfast and Registration will begin at 8:15am. The conference will not actually start until 9:15 when we will have our Keynote Presentation.

Organizers Collaborative is proud to announce that Nick Jehlen will be joining us this year with a keynote address speaking to his work on Iraq Veterans Against the War's Winter Soldier campaign. At a time when the nation wrestles with questions about the war and while grassroots activists and advocates experiment with ways to influence the big ticket issues of the day, IVAW, with Nick's help, boldly stepped out off the beaten path to bring together hundreds of veterans to address the occupations abroad and the neglect at home. Nick's talk will show how they made careful and appropriate use of a wide range of communications technologies and tools.

There will be three workshop sessions, and each session will have 5 or 6 concurrent presentations. Workshops will be identified by technical level; the program is designed to be accessible to beginners while offering options for tech experts.

This year's conference is just $75 ($35 limited income) which includes coffee and morning snack, lunch! We also have housing options provided by UMass Lowell.

Contact Info:

Phone: 6177206190
Email: [email protected]

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