100 S West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Instructor(s): Antony Unwin, University of Augsburg, Heike Hofmann, Iowa State University

Graphics are great for exploring data, but how can they be used for looking at the large datasets that are commonplace to-day? Large datasets bring new complications and require different emphases and approaches. This course discusses how to look at ways of visualizing large datasets, whether large in numbers of cases or large in numbers of variables or large in both. It is based on the new book Graphics of Large Datasets Unwin AR, Theus, M., Hofmann, H. pub: Springer (2006). Data visualization is useful for data cleaning, exploring data, identifying trends and clusters, spotting local patterns, evaluating modeling output, and presenting results. It is essential for exploratory data analysis and data mining. Data analysts, statisticians, computer scientists, indeed anyone who has to explore a large dataset of their own, should benefit from atttending this course.

Recommended Textbook: Unwin A.R., Theus, M., Hofmann, H. Springer (2006). Graphics of Large Datasets. ISBN: 978-0-387-32906-2

Official Website: http://www.amstat.org/meetings/JSM/2007/onlineprogram/index.cfm?fuseaction=activity_details&sessionid=202413

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