1141 Polk St.
San Francisco, California 94109

August 20 - 27
Friday August 24, 7 pm - late
music by CB Records/DJ centipede

Press Release

On August 24th local designers and artists get a chance
to show their stuff at Space Gallery's 3rd annual
Graphic Content - T-Shirt Exhibit reception.

The exhibit, hosted by Space Gallery 1141 Polk Street,
has proved to be a remarkable success three years running.

Last year's event included over 1000 works of wearable
art. And resulted in thousands of dollars in sales for
the artists.

"And this year's exhibit is going to be even bigger,"
says gallery owner Ray Morrone. He expects to
exceed last years attendance of over 1000 people at
the reception alone.

"This show has been a great way for local artists and
designers to show their work and get paid," says
curator Anne Olson.

Submissions for the event are open to all of the
area's creative forces. Artists and designers print,
sew, stencil or scribble their shirts, price them and
simply drop them off. Space Gallery does the rest.

"We receive some really wild designs" states
Morrone, "Artists have complete creative license and
can design their shirts in any way they want."

The shirts vary in price from $1 to $100 with the
average being around $15.

"Thats a good price for a piece of art!" adds Olson,
noting that many of the shirts are one-of-a-kind.

"That's true," adds Morrone, "At the last one, I bought what has become my favorite shirt. I had to fight off 4 other buyers!"

For more information contact:
Anne Olson
[email protected]

Ray Morrone
[email protected]

Space Gallery

Submission Guidelines:

Enter up to 15 T-shirts.
Original designs prefered
Artists recieve 90% of sale price!
All shirts must be clean and suitable for sale
All Shirts must include hang tags with name, contact info and price.
$5 entry fee per designer, not per shirt, to cover costs of hangers, racks and display materials.
All shirts must be recieved by August 18th
All artists/designers with works recieved before June 1st will be included on the postcards, posters and promotional materials.
Contact and Enter NOW!

Official Website: http://www.spacegallerysf.com

Added by Anne Olson on August 1, 2007



yay! 14 of of my tees & onesies will be in this show tonight! hope to see you there. http://shop.willotoons.com