326 Fell St.
San Francisco, California 94102

He's Grant Morrison, the mad comic genius from Glasgow whose distinctive work has redefined comic authorship for the underground and the mainstream. From the mind-bending counter-culture thrill-ride of The Invisibles, to the truly heartbreaking "western manga" tale of cyber-enhanced pets on the run We3, to the utterly controversial The New Adventures of Hitler starring you-know-who himself, to the re-invention of one of America's most enduring icons with All-Star Superman... Morrison has made a comic that almost every reader has fallen in love with.

And he's coming to the Isotope for a truly rare in-store appearance on Friday, February 10th for a party we have affectionately dubbed "GRANT MORRISON'S INTERNATIONAL GUIDE TO LIVING FABULOUSLY."

NOT a signing, NOT a reading, NOT a question and answer session... this is your opportunity to PARTY with one of your favorite comic creators.

Friday Feb 10th
8pm until past your bedtime
21 and over, por favor


Added by jamessime on February 6, 2006