603 Red River St
Austin, Texas 78701

Grand Champeen is a rock 'n' roll quartet from Austin, Texas. Since 2001, Moonlight Towers have captivated a growing number of Austin music freaks by flying in the face of convention: In a town saturated with beery punk, psychedelic sludge and more roots than an Alex Haley novel, they dare to be different by embracing clean chord changes, rich harmonies and classic lines without sounding like a cheap knock-off of all the bands in their record collections. James Stevens' vocals are wistful without sounding weepy, comfortable but not cloying, and his rhythm guitar provides a solid foundation for Jacob Schulze, who's even more adept with a six-string than a cocktail shaker. Jason Daniels' bass can be either punchy or unobtrusive, or both should the song call for it. Drummer Richard Galloway hits the skins with all the force in his burly frame, while contributing backup vocals that belie it. Tammany Hall Machine began in 2003 as a recording project in a dusty garage in Buda, Texas and has since grown into one of the most exciting live bands currently inhabiting the Austin music scene. Playing expertly-crafted '60s-influenced pop with a mid-'90s noise-rock sensibility, the band has gained a loyal following and has earned a stellar reputation for both its originality and its raucous live shows.

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