Victoria Embankment, corner of Bridge Street
London, England SW1A 2LW

" For over a decade UK government has been busy moving online. This has made some progress, for example in driver and vehicle licensing, but is yet to take off in terms of usage in the way of some spectacular contemporary Internet examples like Facebook and iTunes. Is this inevitable? Are there good reasons why government and public services do not engage people in the way music, shopping and social networking do? Or is government not yet going about this in the right way, and does the success of the contemporary Internet have important lessons for the design of public services and public engagement? How can we improve value for money, and achieve higher returns on investment, better services and improved operational efficiency? How can we build public trust and protect privacy?

Join our globally renowned speakers to imagine a step change in public sector information system performance and radical redesign of public services and democratic engagement."

Location: Portcullis House, London. This event is open to the public. If you would like to attend please email your name and affiliation, if any, to: [email protected] Please indicate which sessions you would like to attend (Session one, Session two, Drinks reception: see Agenda).

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