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Careers in Animal Protection

Ever fantasized about a career in the exciting field of animal protection? Well now's your chance to get an insider's view on your "dream job" from professional writer/activist Mat Thomas, who will tell you everything you need to know (or, at least, some things he's learned making a living working for animals). His talk will cover:

- The pros and cons of pursuing a career in animal protection, from following your personal passions and seeking right livelihood to dealing with office politics and internecine strife

- The different types of jobs offered in the non-profit sector, the general qualifications needed to get them, and the various salary grades

- The respective value of spending most of your waking hours on animal protection vs. helping animals while holding down a "real" job

Being a professional animal activist is not for everyone, but for some people it's the perfect fit. Do you want to devote your life to a cause you deeply believe in? Do you consistently feel restless, bored or dissatisfied with your current employment, and want to change careers? Do you want to use your skills and talents for the betterment of all species? Then come hear what Mat has to say, and get answers to the questions you have (and if he doesn't know something, he might know someone who does).

Speaker bio:

Mat Thomas is a San Francisco-based writer/editor for Farm Sanctuary (www.farmsanctuary.org), the world's first and largest farm animal shelter, and Associate Editor of their quarterly magazine, Sanctuary. He also pens the News Beet column for VegNews magazine (www.vegnews.com), and has written feature articles for numerous vegetarian lifestyle and animal rights publications. Mat also spent four years as a writer/editor for In Defense of Animals (www.idausa.org), and before that logged an equal amount of time writing business proposals for a managed behavioral healthcare corporation (until animal activism took over his life). You can read much of Mat's writing on his website and blog at www.animalrighter.org.

Animal Rights and Veganism

Animal rights is a philosophy and movement founded on compassion for animals and the right of all beings to live free from exploitation. Animals, like humans, are living beings who experience pain and pleasure. Whatever happens to an animal—whether she is confined or free, neglected or nurtured—means a world of difference to her, even if it matters to no one else. Recognizing this, animal rights proponents maintain that animals exist not for our use but for themselves, and that we do not have the right to intentionally hurt and kill animals simply because we are able.

Veganism is the enactment of animal rights in everyday life: it is a lifestyle that embodies compassion for all living beings and a practical way to reduce suffering, protect the environment and improve your own health.

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