25 Garden St
Eveleigh, New South Wales 2015

At Google, we want to help developers build better web applications. That's why we’ve created APIs and tools to quickly enhance those applications, integrate with Google products and reach millions of users.

That’s also why we’re holding Google Developer Day.

Whether you’re writing an AJAX application with the Google Web Toolkit, integrating Google services through GData or using Google Maps to create geo applications, we hope you’ll leave Google Developer Day with a new set of building blocks to use in your next project.

Official Website: http://www.google.com/events/developerday/en_AU/details.html

Added by halans on April 21, 2007



I am (was?) on the waiting list until Google emailed me saying they are getting a different venue. Anyone else know the details?


Just got an email from Google. Venue has been shifted to the very awesome Australian Technology Park. More info at: http://code.google.com/events/developerday/au-home.html


Yes, sure thing. Got that too. Keep forgetting that I add things here, and should keep an eye on it.