320 3rd Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Hi folks!

After nearly five weeks in beautiful San Francisco (and maddening America!) it's time for me to pack my suitcases (and my Roomba) and head back home, this Sunday.

You're welcome to come and share some chaat and say goodbye Friday evening on 3rd and Folsom.

Official Website: http://climbtothestars.org

Added by sbooth on July 16, 2007



Have a great time. I've really enjoyed your updates and news while you were in SF. It was a little like I was there myself (maybe one of these days)


don't go!!!!


better guestlist on facebook, but if you're not on facebook announce yourself here. Even if you told me you were coming, it does help if you confirm your presence somewhere -- makes it easier for me to keep track. Ditto for not coming (facebook).