19-23 Oxford Street
London, England W1

GOOD SHOES appear, urchin-like and delicate with perfect pop melodies that are fierce and ready to punch. Rhys's voice is enough to make you melt, his vocals act as the go-between to the intricate guitar work which sounds like there is an argument happening, firing shots back and forth like a game of tennis. The build up to 'We Are Not The Same' creates a heated, pulsating crescendo of guitars with the 'bish-bash-wallop' effect, causing mass clapping. Beautiful music by beautiful boys juxtaposed with the content of harsh realistic tales of life that will hit you like a slap in the face. Good Shoes are on form, to call them good is an understatement. Good Shoes fit the bill perfectly.

The RUMBLE STRIPS sound like Dexys Midnight Runners playing in a haunted boathouse; their slightly more ominous brass parping and whisky drenched vocals chiming. Sleazy like Mississippi mud pie, they write straw boater anthems for modern living.

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