805 W Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia

Will Pate is moving to Toronto to be closer to his family, but you can't leave a place as awesome as Vancouver without a party. And everyone knows the best parties have buffet tables and access to libations. Won't you come along?

Please RSVP here or by emailing me so I can make sure our reservation is accurate.

Official Website: http://www.willpate.com

Added by Will Pate on January 23, 2007



We've got a Drupal User Group meetup that goes 6pm - 8pm, so we'll be showing up later.

Will Pate



Same here, got an event from 6pm - 8pm, but will pitch up thereafter.


And Brenda makes 2


Hey Will I have another dinner that I have to go to tonight. If I can wrap it up early enough I'll drop by. If I don't... I hope you have a great time in Toronto!